So, they call me Sab. I am 16, and I'm an American-Mexican mutt. I paint, play guitar, love to write and express my apalling creativity through all of the joys, sorrows, and concerns of life. All is well.

Mi llamo Sab, yo soy americano y mexicano, y yo soy creativo, y lo demuestran a través de los pesares, preocupaciones y alegrías de la vida. Tengo la guitarra y me encanta la música. Todo está bien.

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Sad little king of a sad little hill.


Ok I am not a misandrist or anything, but I would never vote for a male running for president. Everyone knows their jobs are fixing cars and sinks, it just wouldn’t be plausible to think they could make the decisions for the country. And if they’re spending all their time trying to be politicians then who is gonna mow the lawns and move heavy things? I’m not belittling them, those jobs are important too but things work because everyone has their place!

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